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            Our Programs

            The Young Lasallians team engages in diverse programs that are conducted under the Lasallian tradition. Each are designed for a specific group, context and purpose. Our range of programs include;


            Our Lasallian Youth Ministry team are available to facilitate retreats from 1-3 days either at your school or off-site. The themes of the day can be tailored to fit your students year level, desired theme and context. Each day provides a unique experience for all participants to contemplate their lives through the Lasallian Catholic tradition.

            Camp La Salle

            Is an annual event for Year 7 & Year 8 students who may have had a challenging year or perhaps should be rewarded for improvement and/or commitment to their school. The camp is designed for students who would benefit from interaction with other young people from Sydney's Lasallian schools and would enjoy working in teams and sharing their gifts and talents. It is currently held in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and New Zealand.

            Leadership programs

            Our team has successfully delivered an annual 5 day leadership program for School Captains, Lasallian Student Leaders Seminar, Lasallian Encounter Day and stand-alone leadership training days. Currently we employ a Lasallian Youth Leader program in schools, whereby senior students are trained and engaged in peer to peer ministry with the junior grades throughout the school.

            The following video was produced during the Lasallian Student Leaders Seminar in 2016

            Lasallian Youth Gatherings 

            The Lasallian Youth Gathering is the premier event for Young Lasallians in the District of ANZPPNG, occurring once every 2-3 years. LYG embodies our Lasallian zeal and Young Lasallians' characteristic zest for life, bringing our community together in large numbers not seen at any other District gathering. Through inspiring keynote speakers, relevant workshops, facilitation by the Young Lasallians team, service opportunities, an engaging experience of faith, and so much more.

            Who is LYG for?

            Lasallian Youth Gathering is for the three constituent groups of Young Lasallians :

            Students: in grades (years) 10-12 in Lasallian schools
            Accompanying Teachers/staff: Teachers/staff who are under 35 are Young Lasallians!
            Young Adults (Age 25 and under): Recent Alumni from Lasallian schools, Current/Veteran Share the Mission and Volunteer La Salle participants, Current/Veteran Lasallian Youth Ministers, and others involved in the Lasallian Family

            Stay tuned for upcoming information about the next Lasallian Youth Gathering 2019

            View the latest Youth Ministry & Volunteer Programs Brochure 2018


            Lasallian Volunteers

            Many Young Lasallians also undertake short and long term volunteer programs around Australia, New Zealand and parts of the Asia-Pacific region, including Indonesia, Cambodia and Papua New Guinea.

            You can find more information on these programs on the Lasallian Volunteers page of our website


            News & Announcements

            Posted in Young Lasallians

            Youth Minister Positions Open 江西11选5开奖视频

            Posted on 20 September 2019
            Youth Minister Positions Open 江西11选5开奖视频
            Lasallian Youth Ministers are employees of La...
            Posted in: Young Lasallians  

            Signum Fidei Rotorua

            Posted by Br Mark McKeon on 5 September 2018
            Signum Fidei Rotorua
            Sunday September 2nd the Signum Fidei group ...
            Posted in: Young Lasallians Lasallian Volunteers Schools  

            De La Salle Bomana Secondary: an example of change

            Posted on 4 September 2018
            De La Salle Bomana Secondary: an example of change
            Change is inevitable, and imminent . Ch...
            Posted in: Young Lasallians Lasallian Volunteers Schools  
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